Bakar Island, Indonesia.


My trip for this time is barely unique. I don’t even have any words to describe it. Amazing? Hilarious? Awesome?  Fantastic?  Glorious? Cool? Hahaha. I don’t know what; it’s more than all of those words. It’s up to you to say I am overrated or whatever! That’s exactly what I felt at that time. As usual, I always inform to anybody if I would like to go to somewhere trough social media, ex: Facebook. Besides I can go and have fun with many people it can also as my weapon if somebody says “why you don’t ask me to join with you?”  Otherwise my weapon to answer his/her questions. Because I had a couple experiences like that. Well, in this trip I went with my Facebook friends that I didn’t ever meet in person yet or friends who have been a couple years didn’t meet, and most of them are my friends from differences city, from New Zealand, from Panyabungan, Batang toru and me my self from P.sidimpuan. This is why this trip is called as our media to be closer and closer. I inform those 2 weeks before the dateline. And actually there are so many people who want to join us, but I reject and choose some people. This is my authority as the coordinator of this trip, hehe. 

The unique one of this trip, we went to this island with differences goal and differences hobby. Some people excited to go for snorkeling, some people barely want to go fishing, some people can’t wait to enjoy the beach, the camping, the campfire, some people want hunting landscape pictures and some others just want to go somewhere just for leaving his bored activity. For me my self, my main priorities are for hunting pictures coz I love photography so much and for snorkeling. Differences target but made us unite… in due course, we all had it all. In the first, I didn’t like fishing and I was not so excited to do the camping but finally I love it more than like my usual hobbies. So, what we did in that islands are Camping, Snorkeling, Fishing, Hunting pictures, BBQ and enjoying the beach with the campfire. Really fucking excited, otherwise complete!

 I dare to thanks to Allah for always saving us, thanks to Toyota Rush for the nice hospitalized as long as the trip to Sibolga tough the road was extremely worse, thanks to my lovely Canon, I-phone 5 and thanks so much to our driver, Mr. Echo. All of those gadget and people made my trip complete and being perfect. Nevertheless, whatever I have, no matter how expensive the trip is… that’s not exactly the main keys to make your trip fantastic.  But how you can enjoy and get relax on your own trip. Otherwise, without it all I still can survive and absolutely enjoy my trip, really. Even for my next goal, I want to go somewhere without taking any gadgets (except Camera, coz I need to make all I see everlasting by pictures) or doing hitchhiking in every place, I think it’s going to be fantastic.

One day before the trip, I asked them all to meet first in my favorite place in my town, that’s Mesjid raya yard. To know and introduce each other first is better I think, so that we will not awkward to do this trip together. Tomorrow morning I welcome my friend from Panyabungan because he wanted to stay at my home. Then at 2 p.m we gathered at Mr. Echo’s house. After packing and prepare all of the tools and the equipments, we were ready to go. 3 hours from my town to Sibolga we enter Sijago-Jago village and made a reservation to the boat owner. The weather was really hot and actually yeah its good weather for us, coz we need a good weather for snorkeling, fishing and all of our activities in that island. As long as the trip on the boat we took a lot of landscape pictures, OMG… amazing. All of us really satisfied to enjoy the view around us. No body spoke up; we all just astonished to see how the natures welcome us. It was really amaze some of my friends, because this is the first time to see a beautiful view like this for them. 1 hours to reach Bakar island finally we arrived. It was such an unforgettable memories, I will save it right in my brain and only our eyes is the only witness to see all of Allah’s wonderful creature.


It was Maghrib when we right arrived in the island. So it’s kind of dark, luckily all of us has our own lighter and torch. We built our tent and some other went fishing for our dinner then some other made a camp fire. After finishing our single responsible, all of us can’t wait anymore to go to the beach and exploring the island. We left our camp area heading to the beach. No ones who didn’t yell or screaming to see how beautiful the view at that night was. Then we also hunted “Lulu-lulu” one of the fauna in the see, OMG… we had such a lot of fun when we hunted the “Lulu-Lulu” everybody grabbed their own camera to catch the animals, almost in the entire of the beach we can find the “lulu-lulu”. Haha then what made us surprised and amazed was the present of Mr. Crab. Hahaha they run so fast on the beach and we all just try to catch it. There are so many kinds of fauna just in the beach; it’s not in the sea yet. After satisfied service by Mr. Crab and Lulu-lulu, we took a rest in the coffee shop right in the corner of the island. That’s the only house that we can find in that island. Yes, the owner or the keeper of the island. Luckily they can speak in Bahasa so we had a lot of conversation talking about the island. Having 2 cups of coffee is a right choice when we would like to enjoy the night in the beach. Then we went back to our tent, and the terrible things were happened. All of our logistic was eaten by the dog. Oh my gosh… everything was screwed up, everybody has been so starving. That’s not my fault, that’s not one of my friend’s fault, that’s exactly all of our fault, hahha because we all too much surprised and amazed to see how the beach welcome us so that we forgot about our stuff in the tent. It was a freaky experience. However, we still enjoy our night, we cooked our meal again and having the corn BBQ. Woooo! It was so nice to have the corn; we cooked it by our selves. There are so many activities at that night. After tired dancing with our music box, we end our activity by hunting Mr. Crab. It’s unpredictable; the rain was coming down suddenly. We directly heading run to our tent and finally sleep.


one of the cute “Lulu-Lulu”


Mr.Crab gave an eye ball to us


the other Mr.Crab, but for this time he is not in his Crebi petty


they were just like on a dance floor


The temperature at that night was so freaking hot, I can’t stand sleeping inside the tent anymore. My patient was over.  Everybody was snorkeling more made me stress can’t stand to sleep. Well yeah I know indeed, the temperature in the beach is really freaky hot. But for this time it’s more than usual. I felt like in the hell. Even I think to swim in the beach but I was afraid to the fauna in the sea. In due course, I took my carpet, my blanket and my bag and heading to the beach. I finally slept near to the water, OMG… it was such an amazing choice. Even I don’t want to sleep any longer. Because of the beautiful landscape was facing on me. I stared right to the sky facing and watching the beautiful stars and moon, and then the beautiful sounds’ of wave’s sounds like accompanied my night at that moment. I think I am the luckiest man in this trip without missing the most important part in our camping while everybody is spending their time just for snorkeling and sleeping away. Thanks God… again… I felt so lucky. The feeling when the beach welcomes us in the first is not over yet, then this is added my happy feeling again. And all the part and the sense at that night such made my trip and my night being perfect at that moment. Finally I sleep and sleep away by happy ending, smiling on my face slow by slow my eyes was closing and all of them are carry on in my dream.


Tomorrow morning, other friends has been go fishing but me, I was still lazy to wake up and back to my tent coz it’s still too morning. In fact, everybody was busy to find me and yelled calling my name. they think I was lost or something like that, because I moved to the beach. Finally they found me and knock my head saying taboo words like usually. Haha that’s my friends… they try to catch me and I was running while laughing. Haha in the early morning I had made a hilarious sensation. But it was totally fun and made us laughing. In a minute, then the next things which amaze us was the sun rise. We took a lot of pictures.


this was a rare sun shining that i’ve ever seen in my life, so lucky to see this beautiful sunshine.

IMG_2912IMG_2944 IMG_2941 IMG_2914

Next, we can’t wait the beautiful and the clean water anymore… tough it’s still early morning everybody was jump to the water and swam… of course I was with them too. Some other swam, and I ordered my female friend to start making coffee and cooking. While cooking, some others were swimming and back to the tent again for cooking and swimming again and go on we did like that.


Corn BBQ


All of us have getting our breakfast, eating together near to the beach while looking to the great view in front of us. The sun shine is shining so shine, felt like it let us to enjoy the whole package and the picturesque view in that island. All of the tools was ready, the snorkeling tools, the fishing tools, the boat and absolutely all of us couldn’t really wait any longer. Smiling on everybody face that was I can see on my friend’s face made me happier as the coordinator of this event. I really thank to God who has given us a beautiful weather, stamina and there was no any accident as long as our trip. NOW!! time for fishing!! we did a lottt of fun while fishing. there was another sensation, a ne sensation in our journey. i can’t hide my expression while getting the fish. screaming aloud was the sign i was so happy to catch the fishes.


No matter how big the fish was, at least i had an impressive feeling while getting it for the 1st time

IMG_3248 IMG_3247 IMG_3102

The snorkeling for this time is really fantastic, because we moved from one spot to another spot by boat, so that we could enjoy the various kinds of flora and fauna not only in one spot. Usually I do snorkeling near to the beach, but for this time I went snorkeling right in the middle of the ocean and far from the beach. So it’s kind of challenge our adrenaline. We swam in the spot which often passed by the jaws and the deep of the sea is extremely deep. But no one could be down or missing this part just because of that reason, even it’s more made us challenging coz we love challenge, include me. Then while we were snorkeling we also took pictures inside of the sea.

In the sea, we also fishing sometimes but not so much time we spend our time for fishing. Honestly, I don’t really interest on it. But if all of us do it, I will join with them. So, when my friends are busy in fishing, I will take the camera for catching them or the landscape around us. Yeah… I am into Photography so much. Here are some pictures of mine that made by my glory hand. You can see them.

DSCNO247 DSCN0236 DSCN0234 DSCN0233 ???????????????????????????????

One day we spend our time for snorkeling in the sea, we all was satisfied with all we have seen, we have heard, we have felt and we have done. Finally we have to leave this lovely island. As long as the trip to Sibolga, we were making a joke and laughing over laughing. Other wise we all had fun so much and felt that we are so lucky and excited to have this trip. Before the night is coming down, we had arrived to the harbor and soon after we heading to the nearest restaurant to get dinner.

IMG_3269 IMG_3253 IMG_3268 IMG_3249

IMG_3012 IMG_3147 IMG_3158 IMG_3156 IMG_3164 IMG_5051 IMG_5207 IMG_5046 IMG_3228

Bakar Island is one of the islands in the archipelago waters Sibolga / Central Tapanuli, North Sumatra.  around an hour drive northwest of Sibolga using motorized boats paste. The origin of the name of Fuel Island itself is from the name of a great scholar / sheikh who lived on this island. even you can still find the graveyard of the sheikh in this island. you can enjoy the beautiful landscape in this island, the wonderful view inside of the water and also the history destination.

see ya in my next adventure!!


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It was the most dangerous trip ever I have done in my life. We crossed Sidimpuan to Sibolga city by motorcycle without lamp, OMG it was so freak. As long the trip, I was pray and praying. Hopefully everything is okay. Alhamdulillah, after my entire driver while my friend Toni freaked me out by his perfect motorcycle, suddenly God gave us an easiness and favor. A young man offered us to lead our path by his motor light. He was a trader who just back from his duty. He looked so humble and friendly; otherwise he was our guardian angle at that moment. Thanks god… maybe this is because of my praying as long the trip. We felt so lucky and pleasant.

After taking 30 minutes trip from Pinangsori to the central of Sibolga city, finally we arrived to the harbor. The ship was stand by and waiting us. Wow… it was the first time for me to go across the island by a super giant and luxurious ship. Everybody was in hurry and busy to take care their stuff, so did we. I step my feet to the ship, OMG… my first impression was so surprised. I wonder in my mind, am I the only one Batakness here? Actually I had so much new experiences in my trip for this time. The first time to visit an island, the first time to be the only bataknese in a different culture and the first time to have an experience being a stranger. All of people inside of the ship were talking in Niasnese, I don’t really understand what they are talking about. I felt like I am in Mars planet, like I am an alien.

We took the economic class; the circumstance inside of the ship was just like in the market, traditional and ancient market I mean; crowd, men, woman, children, grandparents, trader and many other kinds of human beings inside. I had so much funny story too as long my trip to Nias. Begin when one old man talked to me in Nias language, of course I don’t catch what he mean. Actually that’s not his fault that’s mine, because my face is like and similar with Nias people. He tough I am Nias man. Haha some of my friend and family said I was going back to my hometown, to the place where I belong and unite with my people, my culture and my tradition, again… because of my face is  like Nias face. For me, it’s normal when I have a similar face with them, because we are in the same region, country, race and equator region. As long the trip, I didn’t spend my time just for sleeping or watching in the first class place. I turn around the ship while taking some pictures that impressed me, try to get some conversation with them and taking several minutes for writing my journal. It was such a nice trip, I took my place in the top of the ship near by the cabin and enjoy my time to relax and jot down everything in my mind.


this exectly how the condition inside of the ship, what a great experience


KMP Raja Enggang, trip from Sibolga to Gunungsitoli Harbor



crossing Hindia Ocean


made a pose before leaving Sidimpuan city 🙂

At 08.00 am we arrived to Gunungsitoli Harbor. Then an unpleasant thing was happened. My friend Decky and Rahman was under arrest by the local police. Actually the entire of our driver license is complete, but the police knew that we are a comer so he tried to find out our mistake. The point is we have to pay about Rp. 80.000 to the police. Afterwards, we carry on our trip to the down town; right in front of the Gunungsitoli University we took our launch in the Muslim restaurant.

Anyways, here are some trips and trick when you do bag packer;
1. Don’t trust people too much when you are asking a direction. So, ask to another man to make sure. After you get the same answer and responds.

2. When you are in the public place such as; the mosque, the church, gasoline station, restaurant or hostel, don’t forget to fix all of your necessary like charging phone or camera battery. Fill up your water bottle and finish your business in the toilet.

3. Keep your stuff

4. Keep smiling and stay friendly to the local people.


those all stuff are so important and necessary in my trip, thanks for you all! you made my trip being perfect


life without music is so hollow, taking the guitar with us to Nias is such a brilliant idea. made my camping accomplish!

The next destination is Gomo village.  It is the first village existed in Nias Island. Here was where the civilization started. Many thing made us spirit to explore and visit this village. We were curious to know about how the civilization there, about the history, the local people and the most important one for us is to know the Megalith  stone. We were so excited to go, even didn’t think the risk anymore. In the middle of our trip to Gomo, my camera got a problem. The screen and the system is broken. I didn’t really know what is the exact problem and cause. I was so disappointed, because camera is the most urgent one in my trip. I felt so annoyed. In due course we found the Canon center to fix it, and it didn’t work. Nobody could fix it, so I gave up, bye my camera (I save it in my bag).


the local people with their nicest smile ever to the stranger like us. I just guess nobody in this village, but after they heard our vehicle’s sound they all came out of their residence and stare at us so weird. Unfortunately they can’t speak in my language, Bahasa. so I couldn’t make something like a communication with them, just trough our body language. i just tough about that children education… so sad, they don’t even ever feel how being in the school like. but i guess they enjoy their life 🙂

We meddle in the entrance of Gomo village afterwards. As long the trip people were so friendly, said hello… and sometimes say “jahobu”. For your information, it is the way for Nias nese to say Hello. If Batak by saying “Horas” and Muslim By “Assalamualaikum”. The way they stared at us is so weird and impressed. They were so amazed to see a stranger or new people like us. We felt like a stranger and yes we are… hehe. We paid the smile back while keep carrying on our trip. The entire road that we passed was so dangerous and bad. I don’t know how many kinds of road else that we’ve passed; hill, down, muddy, craggy, and another kind of hell road. Again, I just enjoyed it and try to make it worth it. a new experience for me passing the worst road ever in my life. We faced a bad road while enjoying a beautiful and wild nature beside us.


in the middle of my trip to Gomo Village, crossing the river. i should walk


Decky & Rahman tried their best to cross the challenge

Afterwards, we arrived to a small village. Here we got rob of by two old men.  It was really an unpleasant and terrible experience. But everything was okay after we gave some explanation and friendly words to them. Then we were heading to the Megalith  stone, so coincident we met the head of the village. We made some conversation; in fact he lives right beside of the Megalith  stone. Then he guided us heading to his home. Honestly we were so afraid, begun from that terrible case; we didn’t trust anyone any longer, which is why when the head of the village forced us to stay at his place  we were kind of worry. Many things made us freak out to stay at his village. First, because Nias nese are well known good at wizard, magic power or something like that. The second, we consider the way he forced us to stay at his place, it’s just like adding our worry. Haha, when he went to his kitchen, we got discussing (by a serious face). One of my friend said, “I don’t wanna die here”. Somebody said, “Let’s carry on our trip to Teluk dalam tough it’s night.” And I said, “just stay here, let’s respect his kindness, just be positive thinking. I also had a worry. But we must promise; don’t eat, drink accept anything that he offered.” In due course, our argument is producing a good result; we made a decision to stay a night.


right in front of Nias traditional house, in the oldest and the most primitive village in Nias


hello pigs!!
whaha, the 1st time in my life to see pigs cage. i was definitely whahaha (i can’t describe)

Then we save all of stuff to the bedroom that he offered and we went to the first goal. That’s to visit the Megalith  stone. We arrived there with our little guide. He explained us about it with his funny dialect speaking in Indonesian language.  Talking about Language, I am totally loved to learn it. That’s my passion. Even I always want to learn the language of place that I visit. So, I also learn how to speak in Nias language, but it was really difficult. Yes because all of the vocabulary is different, the intonation, the dialect and the speed are totally different. I was 4 day in Nias island but I just could speak a little words in Nias, such as; Jahowu, manoro-noro and mangabuli.


the Megalith stone. (batu si tiga leher) Actually many kinds of the Megalith stone exist in this Gomo village. they are; Upright stones, Flat rock, Table stone, Vertical triangle flat four stone, Four aspects upright stone and human statue. every single stone and statue has their own meaning and purpose. All of them were the place for justice and law, wedding ceremonial and many else.

One night stayed at the head of the village, tomorrow morning we got away heading to Teluk dalam. We asked permission to him, his family and people around the village. After regarding and gave some farewell speech, we step our feet crossed the village. For me, it was such a nice meeting met with them all. I couldn’t believe I save with them.  So, the stereotype that mentioned Nias nese are crime and bad is wrong and it’s not true. I’ve met directly to the original and local people. That is why I believe it. For your information, all of people in Gomo eat Cassava everyday, not rice. I am a little bit surprised to know that and the funniest one, they can’t speak in bahasa. So, it’s kind of difficult to get conversation with them.

Next, we carried on our trip to Teluk Dalam, the way to reach teluk dalam is so dangerous too. We crossed the river, the hill, down and the traditional market. I felt I was in 50 or 60’s era. OMG, so lovely people, they all were busy selling their stuff and of course they stared at us so weird and felt surprised to see a stranger like us. In the middle of our trip to Teluk dalam, we filled our gasoline to the small gasoline station. You know what; the price is just the same like in our town. I was so surprised and felt so amazed. I just couldn’t believe that they didn’t give an expensive price. People will give you a high and expensive price when they know that you are a stranger or new people in our town. In fact it’s not happened in this village. Then the other reason made me surprised because the place is far from the down town otherwise in the middle of the jungle and then the access to reach the town is so difficult. This is the mark plus that I got from Nias people.


we found an amazing spot to enjoy an amazing landscape


look at those ocean! oh my lord..


take a rest for a moment and of course accompanied by a beautiful view around us

after a long excited trip from Gomo-Lahusa and next to Teluk dalam city we arrived to Sorake beach. we all jumping and yelling so excited to see the beach, our dream beach, this was exactly what our goal to come to Nias island. to enjoy the exotic beach and sea. we woud like to do many things like; snorkeling, surfing, swimming and do camping right in this beach. after spending a lot of energy for screaming and yelling, we left all our bag and stuff alone and went running around the beach so glad. many people stare at us but we didn’t care. they didn’t know how was our feeling at that time. dreaming a beautiful beach and ladies in Sorake has been exist right in the first we planed to visit Nias. After all our effort crossed several villages we finally faced our dream. we enjoyed the beach watching people played surfing, most of them are children and foreign. 30 minutes to enjoy it all ain’t that enough. it’s gonna be night, so we must find the spot to make a tent. we planed to do camping in Lagundri beach, it’s better for us because nobody in that beach. we preferred to have it in a lonely place, so that we can enjoy it.


English and Camping are just another things that i would teach to my children in the future.


my lovely tent in the night side snapshoot


we couldn’t eat if you are nothing, so thank you for exist in my trip


Cooking away with my best partner ever in the camping, hehe but not in the kitchen. you catch what i mean right?


Quality time in our launch table


don’t you think it’s delicious?? yummyyy


with our simple menu

Everybody without exception have own business to fix everything, build a tent, cooking our dinner and some other making a fire camp.


LOL i love acting crazy well being different than others


felt like I am the only one who lived in that island, haha


with my surfing board 🙂 let’s rock the wave!


Do you think we were talking about surfing?? you r totally wrong dude, actually we were talking about threesome LOL


always take a pose before starting a new things in ma life


Quality time with my buddies;Tony, Decky and Tobing. hopefully we can still have things like this again in the future. Thanks God.. thanks guys..
our snorkel smile 🙂 it is describe how glad and excited we are together in that dangerous island. 2 reason to say it dangerous; 1st, coz that beach is the beach was exactly got the Tsunami 2 times and 2nd coz we were the only people in that island at that time.. haha


we didn’t even realize that it’s been twilight at that time. it’s kinda hard to leave the sea just because the amazing views under the water


i was definitely so lucky to enjoy this beautiful twilight, oh my god… thanks for every single glorious and great chances that i get.


we are human beings and the real hero for our selves. Never give up in pursuing our dreams!! Cause the successful is all about patience in hold out. Whatever your dreams, go fight to reach it. So you will be an inspiration of many people. I began my day with a simple dreams…many laughed at me but I walk on because there is nothing to be laughed if my dreams bring me to the top of the world, That’s my principal. Many people said it’s a stupid things or just a dreams but it doesn’t matter to me. Yeah…. One day, I will reach my dreams by Allah’ guidance absolutely. then one day you will able to hold the hot of the sun!


it was just like i am looking for the inner peace



walking around while enjoying the sunrise panorama


Morning world ..
just woke up with my messy style


before and long time ago i just watched it on TV, the adventure or traveling program. Now! i watched by my two eyes directly. haha many new this in my life.
Jumping stone, in Bawomataluwo (sun Hill).


right in the center of the Bawomataluwo residence. this place at a glance like in TanahToraja


this statue reads as Rajainal Siregar’s name. it’s an appreciation for him at that moment as a governor of North Sumatera.


Lol I dunno why many children were following and forced us to buy their souvenir and stuff, haha it was just like another sensation of my trip in Bawomataluwo.


Souvenir shop in the head of village’s stone


Holy pig! LOL there was a wedding ceremonial in the time we visited Bawomataluwo. so, all of people were enjoying the pork and having party with it.



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The A team (Nature Cross Competition)

The A team (Nature Cross Competition)

In commemorating the anniversary of South Tapanuli, we are from Forester community followed the “Nature Cross Competition”. I never realize that I would follow this chance, I mean this golden chance. Because I think I don’t deserve on it and still many other adventurers in Forester that could be possible to participate in this competition and once, I am still beginner in this scope. But hell yeah.. Actually that’s not the guarantee, to be master in the adventure or has a thousand experience is that not the guarantee but the want. “There’s a want and there’s a way” (hehe, I always state the proverbs). Rizky called me and made me sure that I could do that, he really support and motivate me by his tricky words, and I got the trap. He said, “Many people refused to do this, but you. I just guess they are stupid and ignored it”. Finally, I grabbed it and felt thanks to be participated in this competition. Tomorrow after, I registered my self with my team Andika, Rahmat and I. it’s the fucking awesome team, I guess.


2012-11-25 09.46.57Mr. Sahrul gave a spirit speech to motivate and support all the participants include the rangers

2012-11-25 09.18.52all the participants were peacefully listen to Mr. Sahrul great speech but me. i was listening my i-phone *who the hell you are


IMG_0060still have a time taking a pose in critical time XD

In 24 November 2012, my friend and I went heading to Sipirok where the competition held. Arrived at 6.30 am on the spot, we met and greeted with other adventurer or participant. Anyways, the committee offered the place for the entire participant in the home stay and also offered 1 kitchen for us, so we could make some foods in there, such a nice committee, huh? In there, we were just like brother and sister tough we didn’t know each other. Talking around, made a joke, laughing and watching while enjoying our coffee and sweet tea made by the ladies participant. It was a nice moment with them. Some of them are my junior in my college. We finished the conversation till mid night. Nobody could sleep include me. I don’t know why maybe because it’s too noisy because of many people still awake or just because we still enjoyed the night awake together, and absolutely the weather is so cold and make everybody freeze. For your Information, Sipirok is one of the sub regions in South Tapanuli, Has the volcano is still active, Sibual-Buali. This region is always cold and cloudy climates. In this area people have livelihoods as farmers and some coffee beans as farmers.

At 6.30 am, everybody is wake up like a zombie. It felt so hard to open the eyes and step our feet to go to the bathroom. In due course, we all were standby after getting some sweet tea and coffee without breakfast. Then we heading to the spot where all the committee also has been ready and prepare our breakfast, Thanks God. We got the fried rice then took a cozy place to have it. Again, we met a lot of great people there; we introduced each other and being a friend. We all were having fun and took some pictures while waiting the competition which opened by the local government.

After the opening and welcome speech from the Mayor in due course, the competition is started. We were set in the back line, I didn’t know why, I felt so damn because I just don’t like in the backwards. I always love to be number 1 or to be in front.  But hell yeah, I must accepted even my other partner has accepted it from the beginning. Let’s enjoy this suffering.. I told in my mind.

At that time, there are 200 people who followed the competition; they are from Junior High School, Senior High School, and forestry Services, environmental services, several banks, the rangers, several universities and also several Nature lover community. In this competition, there are so many values. To be number 1 arrive to the finish line is not the value, but on time. The other values are you must answer some question in every single shelter spot that you have passed, team cohesiveness, suitability costume and the level of intelligence in tracing the track team that has been provided by the committee. I think we full filled all of the criteria. As long as the trip, we keep close and wait each other, analyze the wood, taking some pictures and we also help another team while they need our favor. Actually, we’ve been optimism that we will win this competition from the beginning.  We were just slow down and relax; we also take the rubbish that we found in the wood.

After passed the shelter number two, we took a rest and also got some snacks. Everything is still running well, we passed the entire question, and we all were still in the same path. We are a lot more chatting with the other team, sometimes we share snacks and food. It was really not like a competition. We all felt it was a vocation or hiking just for have fun, and I really love that way. After we passed the shelter number three, the terrible tings happened; we were too happy and careless without watching the sign or the clue. Then we lose in the jungle, we separated so far from the trek. Haha honestly, I was a little bit disappointed. But I couldn’t blame my friends, this is also my fault. Finally, we went back to the shelter three and follow the clue. We lost so far from the other participant. Then, in the middle of our trip, we found the other teams were sitting limp helpless. They give up; one of their partner was sick and exhausted. So we do our best to help them, motivate them and try to entertain them.  1 kilometer we walked down, she couldn’t step her feet any longer and she couldn’t stand anymore.  Immediately, we called the rescue and gave her some medicine then took her use a stretcher.

Times keep running, all other participants have been arrived to the finish line, but our team and the team that we helped still on the way to reach the finish line. Hours by hours finally we crossed the nature, we cross the challenge, we cross the jungle, we cross the huge super dangerous and super difficult trek, we arrived to the main street. The ambulance was coming and took our friend. We felt so satisfied and be proud cos we can help other friends, that’s our priority than to be a winner or the first 1 to the “finish line”. Yeah… in fact, God is not blind. He knows which one is the best. In the minutes we arrived in the spot. It was an announcement, a winner announcement. Alhamdulillah.. We did it. We got the 1st winner. Thanks god… my friend and I really satisfied and touched. Yeah… all the big effort that we’ve done, all the fighting and of course all my friends support and praying finally the prize is on us.

After taking some pictures with the prize, the certificate and the cup, we heading to our base camp and do packing, Times to go back home. This time is winner party, we went home by motorcycle. Then we planned to celebrate this champion with other friends of Forester in Forester 1st anniversary.

IMG_006Am I smarter than a fifth grader?? hell no.. 😦

IMG_007hopefully all the people gave attention to your speech dude! 😛

IMG_0010the ethics in the wood; should not take anything but pictures and do not leave anything but trace. things like this always make me miss to be in the wood, i get a fresh air, far from the urban life; bad pollution and bad environment. i was felt i am back home

IMG_0011Rock n roll team!

IMG_0012our leader gave some advice and suggestion how to be the best team, sorry i always give some interruption.

IMG_0014guess what flower is it?

IMG_0015somebody help me please to open this bottle 😦

IMG_0016ha hah O_o

IMG_0018i write anything possible which can enrich ma knowledge about nature, specially about flora, and i found something unique.

IMG_0019the A team robot need to charge the battery, so we get a full energy to go

IMG_0021this is one of the unique things that i found, it has a white trunk.

IMG_0022and for this time, you have to understand and comprehend Bahasa, if you don’t… u can get such a dangerous effect. that’s 1 of the example.

IMG_0025good job buddy!! u did such a glorious action!
small action but has a huge good effect


why so serious dude?


the health team take a pose, i mean a silly pose 😛



are u sitting on the horse shit??


i am gonna miss this team, hopefully i can do the same competition with you guys


Don’t be doubt about their capability, they are the winners too!








IMG_0063 IMG_0064

2012-11-25 20.23.27

honestly, i was so excited at that day. to be always number one is my wishes, and i ll pursuing it.

2012-11-25 20.29.50

Well, that’s all that I can share for you guys about my adventure in across the wild nature in Sipirok, I was truly loved and be proud to be participated in this event. Hopefully I can do things like this again in the future; this is the first but not the last. I think, Nature still waiting for my coming to visit and keep him J and as you know, this is one of the way I keep and save our nature. Thanks the nature for your friendly, and of course thanks God for everything that you’ve given for us. I would never stop saying thanks to you, ALHAMDULILLAH..

See you guys!!! To my next story in Forester 1st Anniversary

*forester is a nature lover community which located in Padangsidimpuan, North Sumatra.


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Putri Island (Snorkeling & Fishing)

Putri Island (Snorkeling & Fishing)

that pose described how glad i was

Sea, island, fish, snorkeling, fishing, beach, white sand and toasting, those all things are totally crossed in my mind right after I got a call of my friend who asked me to go to the lost Island, named Putri Island. I am immediately said “yes” without thinking even a second. I didn’t even think how could I get the money, how about my equipment and how about my schedule. “There’s a willing there’s a way” that’s exactly the most suitable statement for me on that moment. As you know guys, I usually get travelling and go adventure in the mountain, jungle, rivers, museum, historical place or city tour, but for this time it’s totally 160 degrees different. I got a chance to explore and island. And the lucky one, it’s a wonderful island which is offer especially for the diver.

Putri Island is located between islands in Sibolga bay.  The distance between 15 Km from Sibolga Sea and the large is about 3 hectare. You can do snorkeling and diving because there are the beautiful coral around the island.

the amateur photografer

Mr. Eko with his lucky rod 🙂

on the way while enjoying the beautiful awesome great landscape, hehe i am i overrated?

lol i tried to make a pose in the corner of the ship’s head while it’s running

me with my body guard, keep watching me like a baby.
i don’t think it such a honor to have one

i can’t take my eyes off, really. one of my beautiful moments in my life

just like in Teletubies scenery. beautiful isn’t it?

21 October 2012, we leave from Sidimpuan to Sibolga in 2 hours by car, and then we arrived in Pandan Carita Hotel at 8 on the dot, and the small boat (inter-islands sea transport) was waiting for us. The price is Rp. 1.200.000/ boat. Mr. Eko, Rahman, Aiman, Decky, Patuan and I lead by Mr. Samsir as the captain. We have had everything that we need; snorkeling tool, fishing tool, swimming tool, toasting tool and of course our foods.  We all are on fire to go, even I can’t wait just sitting like an old man waiting for the death. So, my friend Decky and Rahman asked me to sit in the roof of the boat. Oh man… it’s so excited.  The sun sine is not coming up yet, so it’s not hot. We all were so satisfied completely enjoying the scenery. Unrealized, we almost arrived to the Island. I didn’t realize it because along the trip, we all offered by the beautiful landscape which hypnotize our eyes and I can’t take my eyes off even in a second. Of course I didn’t want to miss this remarkable moment; I will always immortalize it by my camera. Taking some pictures and made it into some videos is quite enough.

Afterwards, the boat is getting started to reach the island. Hahaha we all were just like monkeys yelling loudly and some others were jumping excitedly, couldn’t stand to wait to grab the Island. “Yuppie kay yay… “That was the first word come out of my mouth, Sooo excited. Honestly, this is the 1st time for me to see the island and it’s so beautiful island. What makes that Island is so damn beautiful are; the beach with the white sand, covered by the Coconut trees and the green color water noticed that it’s pure water. It’s obviously clear the gradation color between the deep and the shallow sea, they are blue dark and green. The pure water, the coral and the fishes which hide behind of the coral are absolutely the suitable spot for the diver to go diving. And our particular goal to visit this island is snorkeling.

the good weather at that time sounds like support our chance to enjoy a whole awesome package of Putri Island

another stack Island

i got it closely 🙂

then it’s from far snapshot 🙂

watch it! white sand, the coconut trees and the dock accomplish my trip this time.

so coincident, right after we arrived at that Island, the people were immediately went home. the Island totally wanted to offer it for us without any other people

Putri Island from the far distance, still cute 🙂

beautiful sky, beautiful man and beautiful snapshot!

#instagram putri island landscape

E’en the tree also lay down his body enjoyed the sun shine and the great powerful nature around him 🙂

hehe. Decky can’t wait to ROCK!
yippiee Kay Yay!!

lol that pose describe how was their feeling enjoying the underwater scenery

another landscape by another gadget. i-phone

no one can’t stop me to do snorkeling. sorry guys! i m busy! 😛

the new sea adventurer

what a picturesque!

Existed in this island I was feeling like in “The Beach” movie by Leonardo de Capri.  I always relate what I see in the real life with the thousand movies that I’ve watched. “The Beach” is one of my inspirations to have a sea adventure. But the different is I am more handsome than him.  After taking a lot of pictures, I can’t wait to go snorkeling anymore. I turned my dress off, used my goggle, my float and the fin, then ready to Rock! OMG… I WOUD NEVER SEEN BEAUTIFUL THINGS LIKE THIS BEFORE, as long as my life, I just watched people do diving or snorkeling on the movie, TV or YouTube. I am just able to say wow. Wow.. And wow.. And wondering my self “when I can do things like that”, so pathetic L (oh no, its not. Just the time is not coming yet). Then now, I did it! I felt it! And I was feeling more than excited. I am not master enough to describe all the things I’ve seen under the water, extremely indescribable.  The various coral, the fishes which come and go away, the marine plants and then the other inhabitant marine are being a sensation behind of my goggles. Sometime, I felt afraid of the weird various coral with a scary shape.  But the most beautiful moment is when I played with the fishes, I gave them a piece of bread and I throw it right in front of me, then all the fishes will show up and follow you, so that I can touch them, oh,, so sweet. Another dangerous plant is “Bulu Babi” you have to be careful of this plant, because you can be fever if your body touches them. When I do snorkeling, I don’t really want to finish it, I always want to be there all the time. Otherwise I don’t want to stop it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it to the pictures, because we don’t have any underwater camera at all. But it was not less our spirit, I let them eternal in my mind. I would never forget this beautiful moment, never.

my eyes seldom to see things like this

some of us were busy with their rod some others were keep snorkeling

Thankfully, there’s no Paparazzi atm, if there is this picture must be on the famous magazine cover

you can see the different gradation between the deep and the shallow sea

the face-the dock

ehm hmm..

hey man! this ain’t the red carpet!

After getting launch, we continued our adventure by fishing, and it has its own sensation again. Honestly, this is the first time for me fishing in the middle of the sea, just like in “Mancing Mania” (one of Indonesia’ TV serial program about fishing).

All after we are satisfied, we returned to Sibolga. On the way, we were attacked by a heavy rain. So, I had another new sensation again, on the boat while there’s a storm and heavy rain, 1st experienced. I am truly falling love to the underwater scenery. To go diving is one of my dreams; I really want to do that in Wakatobi or Bunaken. I will always miss moment like this. And I strongly make sure my self, I WILL DO THAT IN THE NEAR TIME.

i am gonna miss this moment

it’s my habit style on my trip, you can see this style in another travel pict of me

ofc we didn’t forget to relax and enjoyed the shore breeze


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Mt. Sorik Merapi

I recently had the good fortune of getting a lot of vocation this year. Start from enrolled Forester community I begun my journey by exploring jungle and other vocation Such as; jungle trek, exploring a wonderful cave, river boating, rafting and camping. Then continued by Java island trip and I still have a lot of journey afterwards.  Is this my Hoki lucky year?? Hm hm hm.. I don’t really think so. Coz I still have a lot of unreached resolution. But nevertheless, I must be thanks to Allah swt for all that I have.

Hell yeah, I have to say my journey this time is fucking amazing. Actually I’ve been go Hiking for a couples of times nearby my hometown. But for this time I don’t say it’s hiking, coz the mountain is small and it’s easy to reach the top. So, let’s say this is the 1st time for me to go hiking in my life, coz it’s the REAL Mountain. I waited so long to make my dreams to go there comes true and in due course, I got it.  Yeah.. Decky, He is the man. I gotta say thanks for this chance dude. Maybe it’s stereotype for you guys, but for me it’s so special hehe. I am truly impressed. I don’t know why or where the winds come from, this friend choose me to be his partner to go with other friends too. He said “don’t tell anyone, its secret trip”. But I figure it out and I was just feeling lucky to be. In the early October, we started our trip to Sorik Merapi Mountain.

Volcano crater, in the top of Sorik Merapi Mountain by the green color

Mt. Sorik Merapi is a mountain which includes to Batang Gadis National heritage area. Officially, it’s placed in Sibanggor Julu village, Sub Puncak Sorik Merapi, Mandailing Natal, and Sumatera Utara. It’s an active mountain by 2.145 meters height. In the top of the mountain, there is a volcano lake. This mountain noted erupted in seven times. They are in 1830, 1879, 1892, 1893, 1917, 1970 and 1986. In the last eruption, this mountain exploded a lot of dust and volcano streamed down up to Sub Pasaman in West Sumatra. It includes into Normal & active category, which is why the activity keeps watching. The spot monitoring of Mt. Sorik Merapi located in Sibanggor Tonga Sub Puncak Sorik Merapi.

thanks Toyota Rush for taking us 🙂

special menu, chef by Mr. Rahmat

Mr. Eko, Rahmat, Saleh, decky and I get away from Sidimpuan at 3 pm by Toyota Rush (thanks Toyota). During the trips, Mr. Eko made some brilliant joke which quite good entertained us. Nevertheless, many of us enjoyed the trip by sleeping but me. Like I told you in my old posting, I don’t wanna spend my time just for sleeping E’en in my trip. Because I want to enjoy all of the landscape, watching people around and enjoying the hole sensation on the road. Wow.. What a nice trip. Before we went heading to Sorik, we made sure that we will not be starvation. Immediately, Mr. Rahmat female sense was come out. She (ops, I mean He) went shopping some stuff and material we need, because we wanted to make a special dinner before hiking, So that we have a lot of energy.
We arrived at 6.30 pm. I think I had a lot of impressing from the beginning up to the end of my trip in Sorik. There’s the unique one of this village, the entire house has a thatched roof and made of black husk. It sounds so traditional and beautiful. It’s totally impressed me a lot. Another thing which takes my attention is the public mosque. It’s really unique too and wow. How comes an elegant & precious mosque existed in this small village?? (I wondering in my mind) and actually the architect is come from India and has a Moorish architecture. My wonderfulness is not over yet, till I saw the general traditional house in there. Wow.. It’s extremely fucking made me feel amazed to be in this village. All around you offering calmness and a peaceful by its own admirable that it has.

the traditional house the roof made by the black husk

The sun is hiding behind of the great huge mountain; it’s noticed us that it’s Maghreb. Some of us prepared to go praying and some other was preparing the tent and several cooking stuff. I make sure to full filled my obligation to Allah 1st, then get closed with other friends to fix everything. In 30 minutes, our Cool tent, the campfire and the kitchen spot is ready, ready to Rock! We had a lot of fun among us, making some jokes while doing everything. Alhamdulillah I was not being a victim in teasing. Saleh take a part to be hehehe. We all were just like we have had a long friendship; in fact this is the 1st trip that we did together. After the barbeque and the dinner are over we planed to go sleep because we need to go hiking in the mid night so that we can enjoy the sunrise. But all the planning is ruined. Coz we spent 2 hours to argue and a little bit quarrels with the guide. He offered the price so expensive, that’s why we asked him to make it low. In due course, we have to put out Rp. 300.000 to go.

me, with my complete costume; headlamp, scarf and absolutely with my lovely tent

My alarm was yelling, I woke ‘em up. We got a breakfast then ready to go. The 1st path is determined you’re successful to climb up, because it’s so extreme and has a long high way to go. But the trick is we must slow down, so we don’t spend a lot of energy and it’s not so exhausted. Everybody had a headlamp, coz we went in the mid night. A half hours trip, we arrived in mining district. Haha again, the plan is messy. The sunrise came up before arrived in the top of the mountain. We were too late. However, we still enjoyed it and the view. I felt so calm and peaceful when I heard and saw all the nature sounds; the bird, the winds, the sunrise and the landscape, what a picturesque. It was the 1st impression meddles in the jungle. Then we meddle in to Batang Gadis National Heritage. This is the gate, the gate between the civil land and the National Heritage. As the tradition, we need to do Adz an before entering the area. Then, Mr. Eko took a part.

mid night trip, Saleh keep with his style

kinda tired 😦

sunrise came up before we are in the top

one path and so dangerous!

the rest of his energy and keep saying hallo 🙂

We kept going with a complete supply. As long as the trip, we had a lot of fun. Making jokes, laughing, telling experiences and absolutely with a hard brief. Then we passed trough a big jungle with a hug trees aside us, and we meddle in the area which has a huge tropical plant. Then here I felt so cold and only this plant that you can find in this area, no others. Afterwards, we arrived to another different spot; this area is planted by clump special plateau plants which growing in a Craggie land and has about 50-80 cm height

i dare my self to stand on it

i am equals with the cloud

don’t you think it’s nice ? 🙂

Then, after passing that area, it would be an open large area that possible for you to see the top of Sorik Merapi. Our spirit was on fire, with the rest of my energy, I kept walking and sometimes fawn. And finally at 12 on the dot we reached the top. Alhamdulillah…. All of my tired is paid after I step my feet in the top. There you can find the volcano lake with its green exotic color. And we called it by the highest lake in North Sumatra. I could see everything from the top without any barrier. Felt so remarkable and I am speechless to describe how beautiful it is. Unforgettable experience and I couldn’t take my eyes off when I saw all of the beautiful view that I could see from the top. Maybe this is the answer of people weird’s question. Why I always love to go hiking. I am sorry I can’t describe how remarkable it is.

I spent more time to listen my favorite song “beautiful world” Jim brick man while starring to the view. What a nice scenery and beautiful moment. It reminded me to my trip in Bromo Mountain. After made this moment in to memory by taking some pictures and video, we got launch, praying then after all satisfied, we back down.


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God creates Indonesia while smiling

Stimbulan Waterfall

“I’m human pedestrian
from the dry to the moon
off dusk dawn awaits
chasing my own shadow

“Do not leave home,” said her
because I was born there, and dream big dreams
But I’m jumping the fence
I follow the road
choose to west rather than east
drifting in the river, floating in the ocean
lying in the street

I’m male pedestrian
must not know when to stop ”

(Heri H.Harris, ‘Traveller’, p.46)

I conquered it!

After almost 4 weeks of sleeping on my secret room like a zombie, I woke in the morning to the sound of my own voice shouting “You think that’s good for you? You can go and fuck yourself”! i finally decide to do a little trip and then if i do that, nobody can stop me but my satisfied. I always travel commencing in the month, so I insisted on not pass one month was only settled in the house alone. turns out, the mighty waterfall awaits my coming.then, the Road derived me to that place.

Mr. Crab was just catches

the water flow, sweep my stress away.. all the thing i felt is just the calmness 🙂

haha i need about 1 hour and 3o minutes to dare my self jumping on to the river

still considering whether “yes” or “no”

in due course, i made an hilarious decision that i would never forget and regret it

jumping, swim off, jumping, swim off repeatedly

walk down, explored another admirable qualities of Indonesia

i am definitely small below the Rock

one smile 4 one reason. I am happy

the other hidden treasure which not so many people who knows about this waterfall

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Wonderful Cave

“Better late than not at all” maybe that’s the most suitable term or statement about my writing this time. Well actually I would like to tell you bout my trip in South Tapanuli. Yeah… still about South Tapanuli. It’s such a blessed for me I guess, coz I can explore several places in my hometown before I leave this beloved city, the city where I was born. So, when I am somewhere or move to another city I can explain and tell anyone how my city is based on my own experiences. Because not so many people has the chance like I have. Sometimes, people have time but they have no freedom to go. Sometimes, people have a lot of money but they don’t have any time, otherwise busy. I would like to publish all the potential of my hometown. That’s also the reason why I explore these admirable qualities of South Tapanuli.

silhouette photo of Aek Badak Cave

It was the 1st time for me to hear about this wonderful cave, I have never realized that South Tapanuli has a wonderful cave here nearby my home. So, it’s such a lucky for me to have a chance to explore and to know about this cave. Once, I ever talked about this place to some friends and some parents, they constantly said “NO, I don’t know this cave. There is cave in our town?” haha. Actually that is exactly what I also said the 1st time I heard from my mate. But the different is I proved it by my self to explore it than just stay at home wondering about my innocent question. Till now, still many people don’t believe it. They were just like “what??” what?? and “what?”

green mode

By the ancient questions in my mind and also wondering about how is the cave like. I began this journey with my urban passionate. All the stuff has been ready; headlamp, lighter, knife and absolutely Camera (thing that I would never forget). Sunday, 15 of April my friend and I went heading this mysterious cave.  Get away from Sidimpuan city, needs 1 hour to reach the village by the public transportation (40 minutes by motorcycle). About a half hour from the residence to the cave, we passed from several small rivers. Afterwards, we finally meet the mouth of the cave. Wow.. I always impressed in the first sight and a little bit felt horror! Haha. It was the first time for me to do caving. Turned the head lamp and the lighter on, camera was stand by and don’t forget to use mosquito essence.  Started by taking some pictures and analyzed the size of the cave. There is exactly exist 2 caves which distance between 50 meters each other. We meddle in the 1st cave, the cold temperature and the humid welcome us and it must be dark inside. Then we offered by an amazing scenery around us, by the stalactite and the stalagmite with a white color and many different shapes. This is the rare scenery that you can’t find but in the natural cave. Stalactite is a lime stone which grows from above to the base of the cave whereas Stalagmite is the vice verse.



the stalactite with other shape

There are so many sensation and new knowledge and absolutely new experience that I got. Right after you meddle in the cave, you will also find a thousand of bad. They are hanging above of the cave and some others just flying around make a shape. I think they just wanna describe how glad they have a nice handsome guest like me. Inside of the cave, suddenly there is something freak me out. It’s immediately reminded me to “the descent” movie. OMG, it’s so scared somehow. After immortalize it all by taking pictures and video, we turn back. Then carry on our trip to the next cave right beside of the 1st cave. I don’t really know what is the name implies. But local people call it by “Aek badak Cave” as the village name, Aek Badak. So, let’s say Aek Badak Cave. The mouth of the 2nd cave is bigger and larger; it’s about 10 meters height and 30m diameter. Like the 1st cave, there are also many bat and insect that you can find. But one thing that I was really sorry, in this beautiful cave, there are so many vandalism that done by a silly stupid kiddo bastard people. What for they do that? I wonder in my mind. Hufth, they just ruined the natural of the cave by their ugly psycho name.  then, after finishing it we turn back home.

Vandalism, oh gosh…

my All star is kinda messy

Ok, I think that’s all about my 1st journey to explore the cave, I hope it’s inspired you all guys.. feel free to leave a trail ya?? See you in the next journey

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Memoirs Of An Internal Revolution

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